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Syneron Galaxy Laser Machine

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The Galaxy system is one of the more versatile cosmetic machines from Syneron and if features five different application attachments.

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Many cosmetic laser systems are versatile, but that doesn’t mean they can perform every application equally well. That’s not the case, however, with the Syneron Galaxy system. This model is known for being able to handle a wide range of cosmetic procedures and being able to produce exceptional results across the board. When it comes to laser hair removal, this system can treat virtually any hair color or skin type, including tanned skin. And unlike some systems that require additional time and skills to change application heads, anyone can change heads on the Galaxy in a snap. Depending on which attachment is being used, this system can produce a wavelength from 400 to 980 nm and it only needs a standard outlet for power. Contact us right now for Syneron Galaxy model pricing information.

Syneron Galaxy Laser Applications:

Syneron Galaxy Laser Features:

  • Elōs technology
  • RF energy output: 5 – 25J/cm3
  • Wavelength range: 400 – 980 nm depending on attachment
  • Pulse repetition rate: 0.7 Hz
  • Weight: 77 pounds (35kg)
  • Dimensions: H 39.4″ x W 18″ x D 14.2″ (100 x 46 x 36cm)
  • Electrical requirements: Standard 110 VAC

Only Syneron offers the acclaimed elōs technology, and only can provide the best deal on a used Syneron Galaxy system. We only sell the highest quality refurbished Syneron cosmetic lasers and we back them up with a full satisfaction guarantee.

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