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Zimmer Medizin Aesthetic Chillers

Not only does offer some of the lowest prices on quality used cosmetic laser equipment, but we also sell refurbished skin cooling systems, like the Cryo 5, Cryo 6 and Cryo Mini from Zimmer Medizin. The German company made some waves in the cosmetic industry when it introduced the Cryo 5 skin cooling system, and then they made another splash with the Cryo 6 Cold Air Device, which hit the market in 2008 and offers the ability to chill the air down to -30 degrees Celsius. If you are looking to buy a used Cryo skin cooling system for the lowest cost, then it's time to request a no obligation price quote from offers the Cryo 5, Cryo Mini and Cryo 6 skin cooling system for sale at the lowest cost - often as much as 60% or more off the new retail price. Even though our prices are low, our standards are not. When you buy a refurbished Cryo 6 Cold Air Device from, you get the security of our complete satisfaction guarantee and the peace of mind that comes from dealing with an experienced cosmetic equipment company. We only sell the best quality refurbished Cryo skin cooling equipment available, and we sell it for less.

The Cryo line of skin cooling systems from Zimmer Medizin is different than other cooling methods in that they can be used not just before and after a cosmetic laser procedure, but also during the actual procedure and without interfering with the laser beam. That sets the Cryo 6 Cold Air Device apart from other skin cooling methods, and you can buy one for an affordable price from Contact us today for a low price quote on a top quality used Cryo 6, Cryo 5 or Cryo Mini cooling system.

Cryo 6 From Zimmer For Sale

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If you are looking to take your cosmetic business to the next level, the Cryo 6 skin cooling system can help. This machine offers exceptional protection from thermal injury and helps reduce pain for virtually any kind of cosmetic laser skin treatment. The Cryo 6 system is exceptionally easy to operate thanks to its tactile […]

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