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Skin Rejuvenation Lasers

No matter how well someone takes care of their skin, the effects of age and the sun are unavoidable, and that causes many people to see out skin rejuvenation treatments. There are a wide range of cosmetic machines that can perform skin rejuvenation procedures, and there are systems available in just about every price range. To get the best deal on a skin rejuvenation laser system, all you need to do is browse our inventory of at We provide affordable pre-owned cosmetic lasers without forcing you to settle for a substandard system. Every machine we sell is professionally tested and inspected, plus we back it with a 100% guarantee to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase. We also have a variety of shipping options to help get your system to you as quickly as possible.

Laser skin rejuvenation can involved a variety of treatment procedures, including wrinkle reduction, skin tightening, lesion treatment, acne treatment and more. When you do a comparison of skin rejuvenation lasers you will have several manufacturers to pick from, and can help you find the right model. And if you just have your choices narrowed down to a handful of models, we can provide guidance or pricing details on those to help you make the right choice.

When you compare the prices of new cosmetic laser and refurbished cosmetic lasers, you will find that there really is no comparison at all. We sell quality pre-owned cosmetic equipment at prices that are up to 60% or more off the cost of a new model. So you can basically buy two used cosmetic lasers for the same price as one new system, and you'd still have some money left over. Contact us today if you would like a no obligation price quote on any cosmetic laser in our large inventory.

Cynosure TriActive Laser Machine

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The Cynosure TriActive cellulite workstation is a one-of-a-kind system for reducing cellulite and it is the only over-the-counter laser approved by the FDA for that use.

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Cynosure Affirm Laser Machine

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The Cynosure Affirm system is an all-in-one cosmetic workstation that can handle a long list of aesthetic skin treatments.

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Cynosure SmartSkin Laser Machine

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The Cynosure SmartSkin system is a versatile CO2 microblative laser that is designed for skin renewal and skin rejuvenation.

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Syneron eMax Laser Machine

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The Syneron eMax is perhaps the most versatile and popular cosmetic laser system manufactured by the company, and it can perform dozens of different aesthetic procedures.

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Syneron eLaser Laser Machine

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The Syneron eLaser system features the exclusive elōs technology that gives it the power of radio frequency and optical energy to deliver impressive aesthetic results.

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Syneron VelaSmooth Laser Machine

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The Syneron VelaSmooth is one of the most effective cosmetic machines available today for skin tightening and cellulite reduction, and it achieves results with virtually no side effects.

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Syneron eLight Laser Machine

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The Syneron eLight system is designed to handle a variety of aesthetic facial procedures with virtually no downtime or patient discomfort.

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Syneron Galaxy Laser Machine

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The Galaxy system is one of the more versatile cosmetic machines from Syneron and if features five different application attachments.

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Cutera Xeo Laser Machine

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Like all the models manufactured by Cutera, the Xeo platform is a versatile and expandable system that can handle many aesthetic procedures.

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Cutera Solera Laser Machine

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The Cutera Solera system is a versatile platform that can be customized to fit your individual needs for hair removal, skin rejuvenation and other aesthetic procedures.

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